Cheese selection with fig jam and olives 5.90
Salad with roasted tomatoes, mini mozzarella cheese and pine nuts 6.50
Venison fillet Carpaccio with arugula and truffle oil 7.90
Coriander and orange marinated salmon with crispy potato Rösti and red caviar 7.90
Cream of tomato soup with basil 4.90
Stewed beef timbale with broth and buckwheat noodles 6.90
Spicy lamb soup with rosemary 8.50
Main courses
Chicken breast with grilled asparagus, parsnip cream and dried tomato pesto 9.50
Salmon fillet steak with spinach risotto and saffron sauce 12.50
Duck breast smoked in juniper berries with purple potato purée and black currant sauce 13.50
Seabass fillet with Mediterranean vegetable stew and deep-fried mozzarella cheese 15.90
Beef fillet steak with butter fried potatoes 19.90
Vegetable Rösti with parsnip cream and green yogurt sauce 6.90
Tagliatelle with tomatoes, basil and Parmesan cheese 7.50
Crème Brûlée 4.90
Rye bread dessert with sea buckthorn sauce 4.90
Marzipan ice cream cake with white chocolate and quince 5.50
Tart with chocolate and hazelnut 5.50
Art Nouveau menu
Open sandwiches with sprat and quill egg 3.00
„Matje” herring fillet with apple salad and pickled beets 5.90
Cold soup with greens and beef 5.90
Snails baked in garlic butter 7.50
In rye breadcrumbs fried herring fillet with roots stewed in herb 8.50
Black pudding with lingonberry jam and deep-fried onions 8.50
Stroganoff of beef fillet with king boletes (porcini mushrooms) and crispy potato rosti 15.50
Rye bread dessert with sea buckthorn sauce 4.90
Consommé with turkey meatballs 2.00
Mini beef burger with fried potato fries 3.50
Chicken fillet strips in breadcrumbs with fried potato fries 3.50
Homemade pasta with Cheddar cheese sauce 3.00
Crepes with mixed berry sauce and ice cream 2.50
Fruit salad with ice cream 2.50
Berry Milkshake 2.00
Hot chocolate with whipped cream 2.00