In restaurant KONVENTS one can enjoy diversity of Latvian cuisine that is supplemented not only with ostentatious luxury characteristic to the time of art nouveau, but as well with interflow of food preparation and taste of that time. Upper society of that time enjoyed simple, easy to access products, but the way of its preparation strongly differed from possibilities and tastes of ordinary townsmen. Seemingly simple dishes were made original with refined nuances of taste. Upper classes rapidly used opportunities to obtain spices and other food additives from other countries as Germany and France. So each meal acquired new taste nuances thus creating completely different conception.

During the time of an art nouveau in Latvian kitchens potatoes, caps and fish were prepared in many different ways, therefore in menu of KONVENTS these products are relished in various versions. Chef Māris Pastars suggests to taste sliced potatoes with fried caps and rucola or beef fillet stroganoff with caps and crunchy potato pancake from KONVENTS menu.
Bon appetite!

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The secret of KONVENTS offered recipes

  • 1/3 of taste nuances characteristic to art nouveau time;
  • 1/3 of products used in art nouveau time;
  • 1/3 of contemporary European kitchen art trends